Tend | Exploring the Vermont Foodscape

Launching July 4, 2011

Introducing Tend: Exploring the Vermont Foodscape

Tend: Exploring the Vermont Foodscape
is a series of video postcards from the many Vermont farms, cheese makers, breweries, bakeries and other businesses that supply a single restaurant (Bluebird Tavern) with fresh, local food. Along the way, Tend tells the story of Vermont's vibrant new food economy, and the creative, hard working people that are making it happen.

TendVT.com features information about the farms and other businesses profiled in the video postcards. Videos will be posted every Monday right through fall harvest. Click here to browse the videos in list format. Click here to view the videos embedded in a large Google Map.

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UPDATE: A new video from Black River Roasters has been posted: A Visit to Black River Roasters