Tend | Exploring the Vermont Foodscape

Launching July 4, 2011

About Tend: Exploring the Vermont Foodscape

Tend: Exploring the Vermont Foodscape is a series of video postcards from the many Vermont farms, cheese makers, breweries, bakeries and other businesses that supply a single restaurant (Bluebird Tavern) with fresh, local food. Along the way, Tend tells the story of Vermont's vibrant new food economy, and the creative, hard working people that are making it happen.

The project began in early April 2011. Sue Bette, owner of Bluebird Tavern, was inspired by the diverse Vermont businesses that literally feed her restaurant. After all, Bluebird Tavern's menu emphasizes local, sustainable, and delicious food grown by friends, with a commitment to providing the best offerings from market and farm.

Bluebird Tavern's menu changes with the season, because it's in sync with what is being grown in the region. Fresh Vermont food, beer and wine is delivered daily to Bluebird, and that food is in turn served to its guests. Many of the providers of this food have been in operation for a decade or less. Tend uses Bluebird Tavern as a lens to focus on this amazing
renaissance in local food.

The ultimate goal of "Tend" is to take the spotlight from Bluebird Tavern and shine it on the providers. They truly are creating a new economy in Vermont. They are inventive, entrepreneurial, and crafting top-quality sustainable food and other products that make the region a better - and more interesting - place.

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